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Windows hosting

Hello everyone, I'm having performance trouble with my project. Sometime my pages load quickly, but sometime they are very slow. And the login process is slow as well. iam using Deluxe plan and for test my project iam currently hosted my project on Appharbor, on  appharbor server my project is running fine. i dont know what is the issue with godaddy servers. Any good plan godaddy are offering for fast browsing? because apparbor hosting a bit expensive.


Re: Windows hosting

Hey @amma-ranglerz,


Welcome to the community! Smiley Happy


Without knowing the name of your site, it would be difficult to give a specific recommendation on what is causing the performance issues with your site. If you'd like to share that, perhaps other members can offer some more insights?


In the meantime, my recommendation is to have the site content reviewed through a site optimization service. There are several free ones out there through your preferred search engine results which provide thorough scans and recommendations to help improve load speed performance even during high traffic periods on the server.


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