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Good day. was a paid to click website until Friday 7 June 2019 that closed down and was deleted after millions of Dollars was stolen from more than 400000 members. I personally lost more than $3000 and is still awaiting my latest withdrawal of $1000.

Now I see that the domain name is for sale for a shameless $0.99

Who was the website registered to?
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I just did a check and that domain is not available for purchase and is registered through 2021.  Being the domain has privacy protection registration information is not publicly available. 


If there are legal issues involving this domain or how it was used, no one here on the forums can help with that.  That is best left to attorneys representing those involved. (We also have to be careful of making defamatory statements on unrelated venues.)


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What happen to workmines now
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Hi @Zach728 ,


As @Muse stated, if this is a legal issue and a case where scams are being reported then it is out of the hand of anyone here on the forum.   You might want to check out this


Hope this helps,


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