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<ask> Cannot access new add on domain



i already created add on domain inside my web hosting. But after that i cannot login with filezilla using my user and pasword which i created before.


when i access my new domain on browser, there is error message like below :



You don't have permission to access / on this server.

Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.


Anyone know how to solve this problem ?





Hi @dandy


Thank you for your post. The 403 Forbidden error will occur when there is no index file found in the directory the add-on domain is set to. To resolve the issue please upload or create an index file for the directory. 


Hope this helps!


Hi @TechFly


I try to create file index on my new root folder but it's not possible.

I have error message which tell me that my root folder doesnt exist.


could not create file "index.php" in /{my local root folder}/ Directory /{root folder}/ does not exist


Is there missing configuration when i created add on domain ?


HI @dandy


Thank you for the response. Could you list what type of hosting you are using. Also please keep in mind that the index file should be created in the root folder of the domains directory and not the root folder of the hosting server.


For example:

If is set to the directory 


The index.php file would be created/uploaded to the "123" folder.

The file path in accessing from the server would be /public_html/123/index.php 


If needed please specifics of the hosting and and path the domain is pointed to. If you are certain you are adding the file to the appropriate path please contact our hosting customer service department and they will be happy to review the error. 


Best wishes!