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phpMyAdmin - login invalid

The users I created can't login to phpMyAdmin with the credentials I made for them. We tried <username>@localhost, just <username> but nothing seems to work. Even remade the usernames, and redid the passwords. No dice. What do?

Helper III

I could potentially write a rather lengthy tutorial on answering your question basing off different circumstances and the type of server you're using, but my advice is to get a hold of the GoDaddy VPS admin through chat support.


My immediate tip is to make sure you Grant all privileges on the wildcard name (username\_%)” option, and click the “Reload Privileges” link, after creating the user, to ensure MySQL and phpMyAdmin are in sync.

I've the same problem, but it's recently, i was working since two or tree months and all was good. I tried change the password many times but nothing happen, i can't access to my database.

go to your database server and look at the tiny letters at the top right hand corner that says localhost:#### . local host and a 4 digit number this is what you use. 



I start to build a new project and create 2 new SP for this,
I was able to edit them and use them as much as I want,
I try to edit them again few days after and for some reason couldn't,
I check way and realize that in my type of accunt I can't create SP without check the "Is deterministic" or something like this.

How can I change my SP to become "Is deterministic" (let me edit them),
Or at least let me get my code so I don't have to write it again,
Also I don't understand why you let me create SP like this if you don't let me edit them after,
And why do I have to call you? You don't have support email?