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upgrade from delux to ultimate got a problem

hello friends,


i want to upgrade my account from Windows Ultimate Hosting to Delux Windows Hosting , and it says for each month i should pay 16.99$ , i wan for 6 month it should become 101$ but it says "136$" how it's possible ? 

Super User III

It sounds like that includes the cost to upgrade the existing term, as well as extend it 6 months.  If you can provide more information (but keep private details out of this public forum) or you can contact support directly to look into your account.

 you know by my account when i want to upgrade it tells me i should pay 240$/py  but without any account when i i make ordering it says i should pay 116$/py ... i didn't no why it should be like this 

I do not have access to your account but it sounds like you may be comparing a sale price to the regular price.  If you need someone to look into your account you can contact support directly.