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vBulletin Config.php Setup on Deluxe hosting..


I don't have much knowledge about programming and web hosting and I need to build a website with forums so I purchased the license of vBulletin and am trying to set it up with godaddy Deluxe hosting.
However, there is not much information online how to install vBulletin right with godaddy. Is it because it is not quite compatible with godaddy (Did I choose wrong hosting provider which doesn't support vBulletin?) or deluxe hosting?

I have some problems with setting up with core/included/config.php and root/config.php files. I don't know which variables I have to revise or enter and how to create a database. There are something like as below:


Variable Name


Is there anyone who experienced the same and finally went through to install it?

Please share the info for me.


I appreciate your time and help in advance. 🙂






Hey @simplecool


I don't have any setup documents for vBulletin, but I did  manage to find a post on their own forums with a specific walk through for installing within our own Linux based hosting plans here. Beyond that, you just need to create your database that you'll link the installation to. 


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Thank you for the tip.

I installed it with deluxe linux hosting, but the time zone is different from my locations. I was told that I need dedicated server hosting or to add the following code into public_html/.htaccess file but it didn't work. 


SetEnv TZ America/Los_Angeles


Do you know how to change the time zone with vbulleting 5.3.0 with godaddy Linux Deluxe hosting?

Anyone who figure this out, please help me~!


Thank you in advance~ 😄