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Getting Started

www. domain has stuff saved

Wow, GoDaddy changed quite a lot lately.

But basically, I want to install a forum for a gaming group, did so with SMF 2.1 got a critical error and decided to try with 2.0.15 however after successfully installing 2.0.15 I got what exactly is (somehow) shown (and broken) at

Ive been resetting my hosting account around 5 times before noticing it, but the same broken/crashed forum-thing is still there and it seems that is the reason why I currently cant re-install 2.1 or 2.0.15 (after uploading the files, the install.php can't be found 

Just wondering what can I do to truly start from scratch.

Getting Started

Just deleted everything from in-client file transfer and from FileZilla, yet still still has the broken forum "working". Gonna reset my hosting account again and hope for the best tomorrow lol