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    Best CRM for integration into GoDaddy Website?

    Hello all,. I built a GoDaddy website for our business earlier this year. 

    Here it is, I'd love to know your thoughts:


    The website builder is really decent! ... with some limitations.  The site seems to be working for our business, and we are generating leads.  The trouble is, we now need a CRM proceedure to make sure that our funnel isn't a sieve... it currently is.


    I would love to hear your experience / know-how on integrating CRM with a GoDaddy site.


    We have looked at HubSpot, Pipedrive, Zoho, and some others.  It's a bit overwhelming, and most want payment for a year in advance, so we can't afford to make the wrong choice 


    Our needs are pretty basic:


    We want to capture leads on a webform, either a contact us or download a brochure form to be precise.


    We then want those leads to go directly into an intuitive, easy to manage CRM

    where we can track customer relations and lead progression.


    We are a low volume busines and  expect around 100-200 leads per month, but each deal is high value, so with that at stake we can't be having holes in our funnel!


    Thank you in advance for sharing your valuable thoughts!


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