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    Bring back the function to resize images

    GO DADDY PRODUCT TEAM- when are you going to bring back the function to resize image like you used to have in Website Tonight where you can scale image down to any size rather than just use your current fill and fit options with your current Websites & Marketing templates? Also, give us the function to reduce some much white space between blocks of copy and pictures as well as the ability to wrap copy around a picture?

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    Hi @webbuilder,


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    If you are using the Websites+Marketing product you are able to scale your pictures in proportion to the photo layout you've chosen. When clicking the picture to edit, you'll see a sliding bar where you can enlarge or reduce the picture within the frame. The key is choosing the correct layout for the picture you wish to use. (Choosing a horizontal layout for a wide picture, rather then a vertical/tall layout for that section, for example.) If you choose one with square pictures, the sizing will crop to a square to retain a consistency in design. You can see more instruction for sizing your pictures here. 



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    I have the same problem as the OP. The issue is not scaling up or cropping, but simply the image is too big for the frame to start with. And there is no way to make it smaller. The slider is already as far left as it can go.


    Example: go to and scroll halfway down to the pic Case Study: Before and After Digital Room Correction. You see the bottom 1/4 of the chart is cut off. 


    I have scaled down the image to 800 x 600 px and it is still too big for the frame. I think the question is what size in pixels does a pic have to be to fit inside the editing frame?


    Kind regards,


    Getting Started

    I agree with Mitcho that the sliding bar is useless. I had it set all the way to the left and image still too big. I even tried editing image to only 75 percent and it just didn't save that size and keep using original size. GD needs to make frame that image goes into adjustable. Some of your templates have too large an area for image though image still not fitting correctly. Even with changing to horizontal or square, parts of image still cut off.

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    Hey @webbuilder and @Mitchco. Thanks for your post. Since this topic is a bit different than the thread you originally posted it on, I moved your comments to their own discussion.


    I'd be happy to pass your feedback along to your feedback to our product team if you could give some specific examples of what you're trying to do and what difficulties you're having. Sharing the actual images as well as the specific sections you're trying to add the images to would be most helpful. Thanks!

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