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    Issues with subscribers to website

    Hi! I am having issues with people subscribing to my newsletter, via my GoDaddy website (the email account linked is also via GoDaddy).


    when people enter their email address to sign up to newsletters, they get the message about needed to click on a link they'll be sent to confirm. Great. However, if you register with @hotmail or @outlook email addresses (or, you do not receive this confirmation email. 


    I spent a couple of hours on chat this morning and they tried their best. They were able to sign up/receive the confirmation link by using their @GoDaddy and personal @Gmail email addresses. The issue seems to be with Microsoft/Exchange accounts. That means a lot of people (look at me, assuming a lot of people would sign up!), won't receive the link and so won't be confirmed/contactable subscribers.


    Has anyone else experienced this and got any workarounds at all? I have no idea what to do...!

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    Hi @AimzOx,


    Welcome to the Community!

    Are the emails going to the recipients' spam folders, or being filtered out completely? There are several providers - such as hotmail, gmail, etc - that will filter such emails to the junk or spam folder. I've noticed lots of companies, when alerting you to an email on the way for verification, will post a note to the customer (at the signup location) to look in their spam folder for delivery. You may also want to ask your customers who may receive regular emails with their subscription to list your email address as a Preferred, or Safe Sender on their email plan. 



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