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    Website header - Add logo and text



    I have added text to the centre of the header section of my home page which I am happy with. I now want to add a logo/favicon to the left hand side of the header section, adjacent to the text.


    Is there a way to do this? The builder only gives me the option of either/or, not both.




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    Hi @mylovelyhorse,


    Welcome to the Community!

     Have you published your website yet? It may be helpful to know your URL (domain) to look at the website in order to offer suggestions. 


    If you're using a background image for the header, you may be able to add the logo in the place you prefer by incorporating it into that image, prior to upload.





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    Thanks for your reply. My URL is


    As you can see, there is plenty of space to the left. I think it would look fantastic to have my company logo there.


    Any suggestions and step by step guides please?

    Hi @mylovelyhorse 


    You'll want to check to see if the area in which you've typed your business title gives you a choice between text and image. If it gives you the option for an image instead, you can prepare an image for upload that includes your logo and title. 

    For example a piece of artwork/image as is shown when you go the the front of the GoDaddy website. The logo in the upper left, followed by your title - in your case in two lines. (Hopefully my crude rendering helps you get the idea meant.)


    XXX XXX                 My Lovely Horse

    XLOGOX          Functions and Events Box






    TLH - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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