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    e commerce product page issue

    ok so I have a website done using the website builder. I have 4 products added with multiple variations of this product. I want when I click the product it opens a new page with the options where currently when I click the product I must scroll down to view the options available. Does anyone know how I can amend this?

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    Hi @darina222,


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    Were you able to find an arrangement you liked in presenting your products? The Websites+Marketing plan is designed to create the product pages for you when you list the product and upload photos on the form. There is not an option to override this setup to customize the presentation. You can create additional pages on your site, having each one of them present the product the way you want it viewed, but they would have to go to the generated product page in order to start the purchase process. It's the generated pages that are linked to the dynamic shopping cart.



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