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Preview Blog Feature: Website + Marketing

In the blog dashboard of the Website + Marketing tool, there isn't an option to preview the blog except for the dashboard layout. I find that the page posts differently than the dashboard looks due to image size and location in the content. What I have to do then is wait for my scheduled blog to post and then go back in to correct any format issue. 

Is it possible to add a preview blog feature so when the blog is published it is in fact the way I want it to appear?


Hi Derrick,


Thanks for the feature suggestion. I can't promise that we'll have preview in the very near future, but it's something we're considering adding. In the meantime, here's a bit of a hack that might work for you: when you first author your blog post, instead of scheduling it in the future just publish it right away. You'll then be able to preview it right away. If all looks good, you can then click the Set Publish Date button to schedule it to be posted in the future. Once you do that, your post will be taken down until the scheduled publish date.


I realize this isn't as easy as a preview feature, but hopefully it will be a lot easier than waiting until your scheduled blog post is published.


  - Andy