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Stop threatening to cancel my domains: "GoDaddy Cancellation Notice" when no domains are cancelling

Please stop sending out the GoDaddy Cancellation Notice emails when no domains are actually set to cancel. I called the billing department earlier this morning to find out why my domains are being cancelled only to learn that this is some sort of marketing gimmick. Many of my domains are set to auto-renew, but I intentionally have some set to manual renewal. Apparently GoDaddy wants to annoy me to death until I set all of my domains to auto-renew? Of the 5 domains listed in the email, only one was not setup for auto-renew and it does not expire for another 2 months! The rest auto-renew, but I have received 2 cancellation notices this month alone. Quite infuriating.


Hey @lenrsmith


I assure you the notice was not meant to "threaten" but to advise "warning" of loosing a domain not set to auto-renew. If that was the intent, then you can simply disregard the notice. Per ICANN regulations that we choose to follow, we do send out a notice 90, 60, 30, 15, and 5 days prior to the set expiration. 


I'll gladly pass along this discussion as feedback to our writers to be sure our wording is better understood to "warn" not "threaten". Thanks for taking a moment to share your concern. 


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