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contacting a fellow member

I have just had a reply to my introduction.

The person had a link to their website, so i checked it out and my anti virus kicked me out and displayed a message, which i was hoping to inform the person of, discretely.

I am unable to do so, by either replying to their message, or by messaging them via their profile page.

I would hope that if i had a similar issue, someone would let me know, if they were able.

Community Manager

Hi @Nitin1. Thanks for your post. It's true that private messages are disabled for new Community members. This is restriction is in place to protect the Community as a whole and is removed later. Unfortunately, until then, there would be no way to message a fellow community member directly. However, if you think an issue warrants review, you can always reach out to the GoDaddy Community team and we can look at reaching out. I will take a look at the scenario you mentioned. Thanks! 


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