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    About Managed WordPress Plans

    I want to know all about Managed WordPress hosting plan on detail as below:

    • HTTP/2 support or not ?
    • ALPN extension support or not ?
    • PHP version ?
    • MySQL version ?
    • Is CDN available for managed wordpress plans?
    • I used paid Image Optimize CDN, if I use manage wordpress hosting does it provide Image Optimize feature or no need while using such hosting plan?  
    • What about performance and security of website while hosting?
    • Can, we move godaddy web hosting to manage wordpress hosting?
    • Do I need to buy again SSL certificates while moving a site to manage wordpress hosting? 
    • New feature available and upcoming?


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    Super User III

    Re: About Managed WordPress Plans



    I can answer some of these questions

    • PHP = 7.2.15 (You can opt for 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2 on a site by site basis)
    • MySQL = 5.6.32
    • CDN = This uses the GoDaddy CDN, but does not do image optimization - You can use Image Optimizers which do the local files and then in turn will upload them to the CDN
    • You can move any WordPress Website onto the platform
    • If you have the Ultimate Plan or Higher it includes the SSL certificate
    • Includes the ManageWP add-ons & Gravity Forms
    • Includes a File Manager via the Hosting Dashboard
    • I have about 150+ sites on the platform and have not had security issues and they perform just as well as on other managed platforms

    I would say that HTTP/2 & ALPN is more than likely NOT supported at this time



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