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    Circular Redirect Path on specific GoDaddy IP address

    Hello, I'm having a really strange issue with one of my Managed Wordpress sites. About a week or so ago, I started getting warnings both in Google Webmaster Tools (in regards to my sitemap having an error) and then when trying to share content from my site on Facebook this week.

    Specifically, Facebook is telling me that I have "Circular Redirect Path" and that the Input URL and a 302 HTTP Redirect are pointing to the same URL. (example - both point to "http://turnheel.com/" so it's not a www vs non-www issue, etc.)

    Digging further, I found several other sites that are on the same IP address as my site and every one of those I tried (about 30 last night) had the same intermittent "Circular Redirect Path" error when I used Facebook's Debugger tool. As a control, I tried multiple other sites that I knew were on different GoDaddy Managed Wordpress IP addresses and was unable to reproduce this issue on any of those.

    I contacted phone support at GoDaddy last night, and while really nice and helpful, the person I spoke with was baffled by this and literally told me this was most likely above his pay grade to fix.

    It evidently appears that there is something at the server level causing this 302 Redirect Loop on this specific IP address and it's making attempting to share anything on Facebook, Tumblr, etc. a pain as a result.

    Any ideas as to how I can alert GoDaddy to what I've found and get more than a "this is weird and I have no idea what to tell you" response from GoDaddy phone support? I realize this is a really unique issue so I don't expect the phone support to necessarily know what is happening here.


    I can provide the IP address in question and screen shots of what is going on (for some reason the Community here won't allow me to upload photos right now) if anyone associated with GoDaddy support reads this and is able to help.






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    Anyone? This is still going on...

    Yes it is happening here too. It went away for awhile and now it is back. It screws up Google Sitemaps as well and on Facebook half the time the meta or picture are not pulled. GoDaddy has something misconfigured with a server. It is server side HTTP redirect and let me guess, you are on Server IP


    There is nothing you can do to fix this on your end, this is a GoDaddy server issue that keeps coming back.


    Circular Redirect Path
    Circular redirect path detected (see 'Redirect Path' section for details).

    Redirect Path
    Input URL: http://www.blahblah.com/blahblahpost/
    302 HTTP Redirect: http://www.blahblah.com/blahblahpost/

    Not on that IP address, but I've now had the issue crop up on all three of my Managed Wordpress sites (all on different Server IPs). Just came back on my highest traffic site tonight so that is why I came back on here to check if anyone else was experiencing the issue. 

    I've found contacting GoDaddy about this to be a complete waste of my time so I just deal with work arounds (ie. FB eventually pulls the image if you scrape enough times in their debugger, I have to completely pause Cloudflare for the affected site during the duration or it won't load, etc.). 

    I've probably dumped between 10 and 12 hours of my life into dealing with GoDaddy phone / Twitter / chat support and got nowhere. And as you said, randomly it will go away - likely when someone finally fixes whatever is configured incorrectly on the server.

    Thanks for chiming in so I know I'm not the only one who notices this crap.