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    Complaint against managed wordpress hosting / connection reset 5-10 times a day minimum

    Hi, I have a complaint against the managed wordpress hosting. I called in months ago to ask what "leverage browser caching" was - and instead of answering my question the rep said I needed to switch over to the managed wordpress hosting product. The migration was a nightmare (10+ hours on the phone plus a lot of site downtime which I was promised would not happen) but that is a different issue and not the one I would like to cover today.


    The main issue is that 5 - 10 times a day I get this error on chrome (although other browsers have problem connecting):


    This site can’t be reached

    The connection was reset. 
    Checking the connection 
    Checking the proxy and the firewall 
    Running Windows Network Diagnostics 

    When my site does load it is fine, however this is slowly wearing down my sanity, and if I see this at least 5 - 10 times a day I'm sure it happens a few hundred times with my customers which is surely making me lose business. I always see comments on my youtube videos or messages saying my site is down - when in fact it is surely this problem.

    I have called in to tech support 5 times and troubleshooted for hours, all times getting brushed off saying it is most likely a problem with a plugin or theme, but not actually helping me try to solve this problem. I am using the same theme and plugins as before switching to managed wordpress hosting so I really feel like it could very well be a problem with the service.

    Please somebody help me out and FIX THIS!! This is my business and it is killing me that this happens every day to my customers (not to mention me multiple times a day when working on the site)

    My site:

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    HI @blackoctopus


    Thank you for your post. From my prior experiences with wordpress, customer sites as well as my own, one of the potential causes may be that your permalinks may need to be reset.


    This is a very quick and easy process that takes about 2 minutes. Good place to start as I've seen these settings cause this issue before.  


    As a good practice, please be sure to make a backup of your site content and database before continuing.


    Update Permalinks

    In the Wordpress Control Panel, go to Options > Permalinks.


    You will see a menu similar to the following:


    Simply, select a different option then what it is currently set to, and save. Then swap back to the original setting, and save again. This will update the .htaccess file on the backend and should help with the connection resets.  


    Alternatively, this may also be a corruption in the browser it self when attempting to resolve the site.  Be sure to also clear out the cache and data history for that domain so that it has a fresh connection when resolving the site.


    Hope this helps!






    I had to wait to try this out until traffic was a little slower than normal in case something went wrong. 


    I tried your suggestion on the problem persists

    I'm having the EXACT same experience. My sites worked FINE until I moved to the Managed WP Hosting, then suddenly I wasn't allowed to use several plug-ins and suddenly my site started having all kinds of problems. I'm at the point now where I cannot add any new content or update any existing content because of constant connection reset errors. I'm running out of time and patience for GoDaddy to offer a real fix. 

    Got this issue about 10 times in a row already today trying to do a simple update on my site.  This is infuriating when trying to run a business.  Please can we can some confirmation from Godaddy that this issue will be addressed?  I can search and find many posts of people saying they have this same issue.

    Another 5 times in a row today just trying to navigate my site.  I wonder how much business I am losing because of this.  If a user comes to my site interested in a product, but then gets connection reset 5 times in a row, chances are they won't be coming back.

    Probably got this error page about 100 times this week.  It's killing me.

    A quick search on this brought up a LOT of people having the same problem:

    I wish the customer service rep never moved me over to managed wordpress hosting (something I didn't want in the first place, but let them talk me into it as up until this point my support with godaddy had been great).

    Hey, @blackoctopus -- I wanted to let you know that this problem is NOT you, NOT your site, NOT your plugins. It's a problem with GoDaddy's managed WP hosting service. 


    I moved my sites to another hosting provider last week, and everything is working beautifully. Much faster. Zero errors. And, the only thing that is different is the hosting provider. Everything else about my site is exactly the same. 


    FYI, though, I just tried to cancel my Managed WP Hosting, and I was told I was NOT eligible for any pro-rated refund since I prepaid for X amount of time. 


    The best they could do was turn OFF auto-renewal so that it will NOT charge me again when my hosting plan runs out.


    They did, however, FULLY REFUND the 2 services they sold me (SSL and website security) saying they would FIX THIS PROBLEM when I first called tech support about my constant connection reset errors. I had just purchased those recently, though, so maybe that's the difference. 

    Definitely NOT HAPPY about not getting a pro-rated refund on this really terrible hosting that has been nothing but problems, but I'm glad to be rid of the non-stop errors. 

    I hope things work out for you. I know how frustrating this is.