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    Contact forms wont send, dns error and cant add new addons

    Hi,  A couple of hours ago thought it was strange had had no emails for a while on my site,. when I lookat the email logs i get:

    Could not resolve: (Could not contact DNS servers)


    Also if i click plugins, then add new I get:


    An unexpected error occurred. Something may be wrong with or this server’s configuration. If you continue to have problems, please try the support forums.


    I have spoken to support and they say cant see any issues

    What could have gone wrong?

    thanks 🙂

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    Helper VI

    @jamietd It looks like the server doesn't have internet access. You may want to contact support again and tell them to check the server's connection.


    Also, can you please download the plugin Query Monitor and upload it to your site through sFTP activate it and post what it shows in the environment section?


    Hope it helps!

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