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    Dropdown menu problem using Velux

    I built a website for a small business and I am using the Velux theme. The drop-down menu for a couple pages works on the home page, but when I am on one of the other pages and try to access the dropdown menu, it disappears as the curser is about to go over the text. I cannot figure out how to solve this. 


    The URL is thomasjbakerlaw.com


    It's a z-index problem. Add this to your custom CSS and it will fix the issue:


    .site-header-wrapper {z-index: 999;}

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    Hello, I have the same problem here...

    On the home page, the dropdown menu works just fine.

    But in all the other pages it disappears just when you try to click on a link from the menu...


    My website is www.trilumia.space


    I hope to fix this as soon as possible.


    I thank you for this wonderfull theme!

    Did you ever figure out how to fix this? Having the same issue myself.  Thanks

    We are having the same issue. It seems to be relative to the header. On our static front page, there is no issue with the dropdown, but on the internal pages where the header is smaller/different, users can see the dropdown, but can only click on the first 2 subpages, the 3rd and 4th will disappear as the mouse moves down. Trying to fix it in the Velux theme templates. Will update here if we figure it out.

    Exact same issue!  Anyone have a fix yet?


    Thank you

    Same issue here... drop down menu works fine on home page but not on any other page. I can hover over the main menu item and the drop down showing the sub-menu shows fine... but as soon as you move the cursor down to the sub-menu items it disappears.


    Also having the same dropdown menu problem using Velux theme. Has anyone discovered how to resolve it? Many thanks for any helpful tips or advice.

    @o-o @jlsmith91 @ssm1985 @create222 


    Hi Folks. 


    Thank you for posting. I'm sorry you're having trouble with this. Have any of you tried reaching out to our support team on this? That's what I'd recommend at this point since you all have the same issue and the community isn't able to offer a solution. 


    Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
    24/7 support available at x.co/247support

    Yes, I reached out to GoDaddy today and the only way they told me it could be fixed is by having their tech do it and charge me $80.  I want to know how to do it myself!  Obviously it's an issue with this theme.  Mine does the same thing but only started about a month ago.  It didn't do it previously and I've not touched anything in the menu or header area which is where I was told something had to be wrong.

    It's a z-index problem. Add this to your custom CSS and it will fix the issue:


    .site-header-wrapper {z-index: 999;}

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    @justinrogers you are a god. thank you so much!

    Thanks a lot

    where would I input that Css code?

    Add the code using the theme Customizer in the WordPress dashboard or use a plugin: