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    Error: Connection Reset - GoDaddy still blames the user

    It's interesting when you Google this error from so many users that GoDaddy claims it's not the server because the engineers can't seem to find an issue yet hundreds if not thousands of users experience this common error.


    So GoDaddy I've been a long time customer of yours and I have had this error way to many times for you to tell me its my computer, tcp/ip rubbish and firewall nonsense.


    I would appreciate digging into this, I've just created a new domain and sure enough back to the same old errors, nothing has changed to the point of just taking my business elsewhere because for such a large company you can't get one error sorted out.


    Google says About 190,000 results - You'd think by now you would of sorted this out.


    Don't bother calling me either, too many issues to sort out, just fix this error and help us all out please.

    Developer and Creator GeGeek
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