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    Error Establishing a Database Connection

    So I have a Wordpress Blog hosted on GoDaddy.  It was awesome and was working great.  Then for some reason yesterday it went down and all I got was a "Error Establishing a Database Connection" error.  Still getting it at the moment.  So my site is down.  I got on live chat where the person told me that this was due to a GoDaddy database server upgrade and that I should expect my site to be back up sometime in the next 24 hours.  So it might be down for an entire day.  Then to verify this I called the support phone number where the guy initially told me that he didn't see any issues and that it was probably due to an upgrade I did and that I should go check blah-blah-blah file and see if the user ID and password was correct.  Then after I pushed back a bit he came back and said he found an open incident on this and that GoDaddy did an upgrade and it broke some sites and mine just happened to be one of them.. and they must have forgotten to tell me and he would resubmit some request to fix the security issue caused by the upgrade.  So that was 15 minutes ago and the site is still down.  Have any of you had experiences like this?  Ugh!

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    Mine is also down. Tried to go on the Chat with no luck. It really sucks when you have a site and it doesn't even work.

    I found out that it was a database server upgrade, and that it was impacting one "parent server", and that the server guys are working on it.  The guy on the phone was talking to one of the techleads who was in the know.   So it only impacted some sites. Probably newer ones (my opinion).   The guy on the phone pretty much said there was nothing they can do other than wait, and that   I wouldn't be getting any updates from anyone.  The communication/resolution has been very bad on this.  To them it's just a server.  To me, it's a business and there are also personal relationships here that can be ruined by something like this.  They are working on it though, my site came up for about 10 seconds before going down again.   Maybe someone will post updates here since we can't get them anywhere else.

    Sites are back up, but with no communication.  Customer Service Meter = 0.

    Actually sites back down again.  Has anyone experienced outages like this with no communication, ETAs or anything?  It's been a known problem internal to GoDaddy for six hours, yet the http://status.godaddy.com/ page says "All Systems Operational". Is this normal?