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    Error establishing a database connection with managed wordpress hosting

    Hi All


    I haven't done anything recently yet suddenly today after the update from wordpress, my website gives me the error - "Error establishing a database connection" . Is this a common issue for everyone or it is something to do with only my website. 


    Would be grateful for any help.




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    Does this happen when you try to access wp-admin as well?  Or do you get a different message when going to wp-admin?  If you get a different message that will tell you what the problem may be.


    If you get the same error message at wp-admin, it could just be the database server is temporarily down -- hopefully this will clear up on it's own shortly. 


    If it doesn't you'll need to contact GoDaddy support.  If GoDaddy support gives an all clear that the database server is fine -- then you could have a conflict or corrupted database.


    The fact you mention this happened after a WordPress update could indicate the update did not complete.  In that case restoring a clean version of the core WordPress files via FTP may resolve the issue.


    HTH! 😉


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    Thanks Muse for reply.



    Yes it gives the same error. I tried calling godaddy for like 15 minutes for now but the lines are all busy. I wonder it is something to do with database server. This happens today morning after the wordpress update. 

    5 of our 7 sites are down with the same error. Hoping its a Godaddy issue. 

    Yeah sadly i tried contacting godaddy but it seems all the channels are busy. So probably its temporary server down problem

    @Shiroichi @elishamoody


    Since someone else is having issues -- it sounds like a GoDaddy DB server issue <x-everything>.


    GD's System Status page states: "All Systems are Operational". 


    Did you try chatting with them?   Try the chat button at the bottom of this page.


    HTH! 😉


    "No guts, no story." ~ Chris Brady



    I tried since hour ago . Chat has keep changing rooms without connecting to any of the rooms. Hopefully they already alerted for this. Its pretty hard to call me to US often because i am outside the country and international chargers are practically a robbing here *sigh*


    Hi, Shiroichi;

    Fortunately this is not a common problem.  GoDaddy appears to be having a problem that is effecting a large number of websites.

    If you go to this link:


    there is another link there:


    which takes you to a page displaying a Status chart:


    that shows no problems marked for the last few days, but as of today, an increasing # of various departments mention the they realize there is a problem & that they are working on it.  If you call the GoDaddy Tech Support line, the wait was about 40 minutes when I last called, about 30 minutes ago.  Usually I get through in 10 minutes or less, often in just 2 or 3 minutes.

    I tried Tracer Route on GoDaddy.com a few minutes ago (https://www.godaddy.com/garage/intro-troubleshooting-traceroute-works-steps-use/), using the Windows Command Prompt, but you can use Apple`s Terminal on a Mac, typing in:

    tracert godaddy.com

    and it made 6 hops before timing out on all but 1 (hop # 😎 of the following 24 hops trying to traverse the possible routes across the internet to GoDaddy.com, which I find strange since my browser can go to GoDaddy.com & then to the login page, but there at the login page, I am unable to login.  Every time I submit my credentials, it just refreshes the login page.  It is possible, I suppose that I have just submitted my Godaddy login credentials to BabaYaga several times, if that particular malware has managed to get into the Godaddy Servers, or maybe this is some sort of a denial of service attack.  I will probably be changing my Password Info later today just in case, if GoDaddy is able to get things working well enough for that to happen today.

    I see that you are classed as skilled, so maybe you already know more about this than I do, but I saw that you had received no responses after 33 minutes, & all I`m doing otherwise is checking where I access my sites.  I can still get into my admin section, & my home page presents itself, but everything else comes back as an "Error establishing a database connection."

    Good luck on your end,



    Hi, I'm having the same problem, too. Please help, it seems a global problem with GoDaddy servers.


    Thanks in advance.


    Yeah, me too. I was working in one of my sites and suddenly that database connection error. My site wasn't even updating.