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    FileZilla will not upload to server - says 'could not start transfer'


    I can connect to the server fine, and browse through my wordpress site's files, however I can't upload most files.


    I have been following the below instructions for replacing wordpress files, and trying to upload them via FTP, but FileZilla gives the reason: Could not start transfer.


    I think I recalled FileZilla mentioning, in the log, something about permissions. Can someone advise me on how I change my wordpress permissions to allow its files to be replaced via FTP, or any other advice as to why FileZilla can't transfer files to the server?










    How to Reinstall WordPress Core Software Via FTP

    If you can’t access your WordPress dashboard because of an error (or just prefer to work over FTP), you can perform a similar process via FTP. You’ll basically be manually duplicating what WordPress would otherwise do for you in the section above.

    Here’s the process in a nutshell:

    • Download the latest version of WordPress
    • Extract the ZIP file
    • Upload everything except the /wp-content/ folder
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    Hey there @adamsimpson,


    Typically, logging into FTP can be done like this


    Hostname: domain name or IP address

    Username: whatever it is

    Password: whatever you made it

    Port Numer: FTP (21) or sFTP (22)


    If the switch in hostname from domain name to IP address doesn't work, you'll need to contact support for assistance.

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    Hi MrVapor,


    Logging in is not a problem. Actually, I did have problems connecting to the server from a public library, but as soon as I got home and use my own wi-fi, FileZilla connects fine!


    My core wordpress files seem to not allow being replaced via FileZilla. I can upload wordpress through FileZilla to a separate location, as long as I don't attempt to replace the existing wordpress core files/folders that are already there. It looks like a permissions issue.


    I may have to contact support as you suggest.