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    Generate cnr to have ssl

    Hi everyone! İ have some problem that couldn't solve. Yesterday i purchased wordpress web hosting basic pack (By the way, i am so newbie) that was with promotin, £1/month. İ was trying to design my website then i realize my website is not secure. To buy ssl certificate on godaddy was so expensive and i found it on another website only for $4 and i bought it. The seller request me to send him cnr code. İ couldn't find the way to have it. They sent me a video to help but it was done via Cpanel. However, mine was't cnapel, it was something like wordpress panel or as i said before, i am newbie and i couldn't find it.
    İ need you to help me on solving it. İf it doesn't, is there any way that i have a full refund?
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