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    Helper II

    GoDaddy Dashboard (Frequent Failures)

    Our GoDaddy MWH website dashboard  - for most part - has stopped working for the past 1-2 months. See below for images (details). Specifically:


    (1) Website Screenshot engine is not working. Screenshot never displays.

    (2) Updates engine is not working. It does not reflect what we see in our Wordpress dashboard (say, when a plugin needs an update). Also, image below says "... unavailable due to site customizations." Wrong message. We are not customizing anything.

    (3) Website Performance engine is not working. Score never displays.


    We have reached out to GoDaddy (GD) several times. Unfortunately, GD has been of no help so wondering if any of you have experienced the same issue. If so, what was the resolution?


    For those wondering, here's what we performed to troubleshoot the issue:


    (1) We use Cloudflare (CF). Issue happens with CF connected or disconnected.

    (2) We disconnected all of our plugins. Issue still happens.

    (3) We emptied our cache (all levels and in the proper sequence) many times. Issue persists.




    MWH Website Screeshot - Errors (01).png


    MWH Website Dashboard - Errors (02).jpg







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