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    GoDaddy WordPress hosting are most slow of all???



    I using WP-WC GoDaddy for about half year, but it was slow at begining and it a very slow now!

    I buy an Ultimate-Maximum WP hosting for 2 sites, but I have only one website, and even one is terribly slow! DB now is only modest 1,5Mb! Tracert and ping shows not best, but stable results 40-45ms.

    I never see any critical errors/bugs, and all half of year I just work on site developing, so I endure this slowness. But now I want to launch my site for a clients, so I need to resolve this slowness.


    Login to WPAdminCP - takes about 20-30sec.

    Backend editing of WooCommerce Product (with only TextInfo + ~30*Attributes + 4 photos) - open Product for editing takes about 15sec, saving of product with reloading of product editing page takes about 25sec.

    Updating of primary parts of site engine as WordPress/WooCommerce/WPML can takes for about 5min and more!!! :(((

    Frontend-site loadings very unstable - usually "first time site visiting" takes about terrible 15-20sec! After some walking on a website overall pages loading speed rise up to 7-10sec. But it still much much more slow, than most of other websites, which much more heavier, but which opens for just about 1-5sec!

    Google_PageSpeed for a first test shows only 22-25 points with first byte waiting for a 7sec!!! After some tests it shows near to 70 points. But with regard of site simplicity, absent of any advertise, banners, external resources, etc - it still a very slow!!! (report attached)

    Previously WPAdminPanel works slow but stable, but now I can't make a WP FullDataExport - script just stuck and dont gives export file (Inactivity Timeout. Description: Too much time has passed without sending any data for document.). :(((((( I dont want to work at my website DB filling when my everyday work just cant be saved! :((((((

    After all WP does not support o365 emails sending by SMTP with OAuth. :(((


    Overall it seems that my GoDaddy WordPress hosting have a two problems:

    1) Because of hosting have a very aggressive force-prone my website to standby/sleep mode or physical memory cleanup or just does not have "self caching while waiting" function at all, etc - its seems why my site loading speeds rise a little after some walking on site. (Google PageSpeed "first byte test" rise from 7sec to 2,5sec!)

    2) Because of overall physical server overload or too aggressive resources limitation or CloudFlare absence - its seems why my site even after a "warm/cache up" are still slow than more heavy competitors.


    I want to try WP cache plugins, but cant, because all of them are blocked by GoDaddy! :((( GD WP has only a button for a manual clearing of whole website cache... after that site again needs to be walked/warmed/cached up! :(((

    Also GD does not have email and written inquiry support. :(((

    Also GD does not use CloudFlare. :(((


    So is seems that GoDaddy is one of the WORST possible hosting for advances WP-WC sites??? :(((


    Maybe someone have any solutions???



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    Hey there @justude 


    If you're running a WooCommerce store, you really should be on something like Business hosting. Managed WordPress just doesn't seem to handle WooCommerce as well as a standard cPanel installation that allows for more customization, such as caching plugins. My advice is to move to the Business hosting. I did about a year ago and haven't had an issue since. It's pretty amazing.

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