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    Homepage white screen after update to 4.9.2



    Had the email about the upgrade and on checking website the homepage is just white screen - deactivated the plugins as admin still works fine but no change - re-activated and checked the other sites pages and they all function as do the plugins - tried changing the homepage to a page that was working previously and that then is just a white screen - the homepage displays correctly within admin when using the editor - but after logging out and flushing cache is just a white screen.


    I have not tried rolling back the entire site yet but it was working fine prior to the update - any ideas would be appreciated.


    Many thanks for any help.


    Regards, Dan


    Follow-Up : >> A little more sinister it would seem - the twentyseventeen / front-page.php had been changed - although I can see the user / file owner is not me within FTP I cannot open or download the existing file to see what they were trying to do ?


    I have renamed it and and replaced with a stock file and the sites back up and working .. .. anyone else have this happen to them?



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