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    Horrible Hosting Performance

    For the past couple weeks, I have had horrible performance for my Managed Wordpress sites. I have "chatted online" on an almost daily basis, talked with GoDaddy support on 2 occasions, was advised yesterday that the issues were "fixed", and today I'm receiving a 503 - Server Unavailable message.


    Does anyone know what is going on with this service?

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    We're having the same issue this morning. Frustrating!! 


    Hi @Knovation, thanks for posting.

    Without knowing any details, I couldn't say what the issue might be.

    If you're still having trouble, I suggest you follow up with Support and call them to review further.


    Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
    24/7 Support | Check System Status

    so i call many times in the hosting part but still they did know what the answers they say always maybe in the codings

    i looked my codes in a pro php developer
    he finds that my codes are correct, i check in also in my xampp it works but still the problem is you can view my website now but the functionality of the website in'st working like, signing up or login it can't work what is the problem i spent so many times to talk on chat with the godaddy and calling too much at the hosting services but still they say maybe the codes aren't working. how can i upload it first if doesn't work in my xampp, before i upload it to filezilla i make sure the codes or the whole script is working so i try it many times in xampp and still working but everytime i upload it to godaddy and file zilla the it isn't working what is wrong, it almost 2 weeks experiencing this **bleep**, i have no sleep, for these and you give me same answers. 


    Getting Started

    I do not believe is a problem with wordpress per se, it is a problem with the database.

    I am seeing the same thing and it all relates back to database issues.

    To me it seems like something may have been compromised and one site may be causing problems with the rest of us, possibly using up all of the database connections so that everyone using that database is suffering.

    I believe this needs to be looked at from the server side to determine what is using up all of the resources and shut it down.

    Unfortunately, word press is a high target for attacks and exploits, if you check your logs you will probably notice that.  I finally had to lock down open enrollment on every one of my sites due to bot registrations, it should probably be the first thing you do.

    Good luck, I do not think you are the only one suffering.