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    How do I Redirect my Wordpress website from root (/) to a subdirectory (/2012) ?

    Somehow my primary Wordpress website got wiped out (let us not go there) and there is no backup that I can find. All that I have is a 5 year old copy that is in a subdirectory (.../2012). What I would like to do is get my primary domain to redirect to the subdirectory while I continue to try to build a new site, as most of the old content is still valid. I have tried using .htaccess to do a Redirect, but I can not get it to work right. I have 3 domains, 2 of them forwarded to /2012 and they work okay. But I am not sure what to do about the primary domain. Does anyone have any suggestions or a working example of how to do this ?



    www.westboroughplayers.com (current)

    www.westboroughplayers.org (forwarded)


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    First I would go to https://www.godaddy.com/pro/managewp

    Sign up for free and take a backup of your site. Keep this from happening again.


    You have multiple ways to do this, but there is a redirect setting in your hosting that you can use to do it. https://www.godaddy.com/help/redirect-urls-with-your-hosting-account-5120


    But you can also add both sites to the managewp tool I linked above and clone the content from one site to the other.

    I am not sure this solution solves my problem. What I want is for a user that goes to http://westboroughplayers.com (or actually any of my 3 domains)

    to be redirected to


    but the content redirect options described in Step 8 of the solution don't seem to include that ability.