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    How to add existing Standard UCC SSL to Managed Wordpress?


    I own an existing GoDaddy Standard UCC SSL Cert, and I'd like to use that on my Managed Wordpress instance. If I want to add SSL to Wordpress, it wants me to buy another certificate. I see this as extra cost I shouldn't need to spend. My Wordpress domain is already a SAN on the SSL Cert. Any ideas how I can add this?

    Thank you!

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    So in order to get the managed wordpress hosting secured the ucc cert will need to be exclusive to this hosting environment. (not split between 2 environments). The alternative is to get a standard ssl if it is just 1 site. 


    But actually I believe there may be a tool/process that the agents might have depending on which managed wordpress plan you are on that can get a ucc installed on a managed wp individual domain. 


    I recommend calling in and inquiring about this process.


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    Mike L. | WebPro

    Did you ever get this fixed?  What was the solution?

    Essentially, as long as the SAN's are on the same exact plan as the primary domain of the of the UCC SSL certificate (as in, they are all on the same Ultimate/Developer/Pro plan), then the installation process should be automatic: simply assign the SAN's to the SSL, and it should automatically install to those domains. You can always reach out to our hosting support if you have further questions, or need assistance with this matter.

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