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    How to install Font for generic landing pages?

    How does one add a font that is not available by default to a domain landing page in the /public_html/ folder? (Landing page being a basic index.php page with a .css linked page)


    Looking for a way to automatically install and display a non-default font for our landing page so that visitors do not have to manually install the font on their devices to enjoy the font style. (landing page is a basic index.php with a linked .css page. Not an application's index.php like Joomla, Wordpress, phpBB.) - Thanks in advance for any assistance.


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    Re: How to install Font for generic landing pages?

    After uploading the fonts to the server you'll need to define which font to use where in the CSS.  Here is a great article on the subject for cross-browser support.



    There are also resources that provide fonts already hosted on a Content Delivery Network, which have already worked out the cross-browser support and you would just need to add them into your CSS.  A popular free option is Google Fonts.



    Re: How to install Font for generic landing pages?

    Thanks Nate, the links were very useful and helped resolve the issue. Having a .CSS reference makes things much easier for the project I am working on.