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    I don't know what my Wordpress Login is.

    Hi everyone,


    I just set up my web hosting through GoDaddy; I bought a domain name through this same service about a year ago. I also added WordPress to my page and it successfully linked: michaelmacrae.com


    Unfortunately, I don't know what my username or email is when it comes to signing in at url/wp-admin. I've tried using my GoDaddy username, my email addresses, and usual usernames. I'm at one attempt left so I figured it was time to give up and see if I missed something. Let me know if you can help, I'd greatly appreciate it.



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    Re: I don't know what my Wordpress Login is.

    What type of hosting do you have?  If it is Managed WordPress you should be able to open the dashboard from within your GoDaddy account.



    If you have a different type of hosting but used the option for automatic installation, check there for the initial settings.