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    I need some answers about WordPress database hosting

    I want to create an online book store for receiving book orders to ship them. Now, I need to create user's login and registration functionality for this purpose and I need to create database for the user's profile (username, email and password) and individual user's account information (like their cart, wishlist, list etc).
    Now I have some questions. I am asking them below.
    1. What will be best way to create the site? Using WordPress or something else?
    2. If I buy any hosting plan from GoDaddy (Web or WordPress hosting), will I be able to create dynamic database for the user's in the GoDaddy's server using my cPanel? Or I will have to buy extra server to generate and process the database?
    3. Please provide some resource's link so that I can learn these question's answer. I am not finding any proper solution for my problem.
    Note: I know I can hire a Web developer to handle these all. But as I a student, I am some financial issues. So if I can at least deduct the developer's cost, I will be able to save some money. That's why I am trying to do these all along with my another friend. I know most of the solution to make the project live except the database problem. I have to idea how companies do that. That's why I am asking. Please try to help. Thanks.
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    Re: I need some answers about WordPress database hosting

    WordPress has a database of users built in which can be expanded using plugins.  You can search to see what's available for what you need for your online store.