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    Helper III
    Helper III

    Looks like PHP 7.x Released for Managed WordPress Hosting

    Hi Everyone,


    I don't work for GoDaddy and this is not an official announcement only a user observation.


    PHP 7.x Released

    It looks like PHP 7.x got released in the last week for Managed WordPress Hosting.  I was able to switch PHP versions under my MWH account successfully to PHP 7.2.


    Check for Compatibility

    Compatibility Checker:  https://wordpress.org/plugins/php-compatibility-checker/ 


    I recommend that first you should definitely check your site code is compatible with the PHP version you are thinking of upgrading to 7.0, 7.1 or 7.2 and the above WordPress plugin can do SOME (but not all) of the work.  Unfortunately the only full way of knowing if your code is going to be compatible, is run it and see if you get any errors in the error_log under your theme or things break.


    You could try switching PHP versions under staging first if you use staging.


    General PHP 7.x Knowledge

    General Information:  https://wpbuffs.com/wordpress-php-version-check/


    The above article gives some general information about PHP versions (closer to the bottom of the article) that is helpful background to know what PHP 7.x offers feature wise.


    Revert Back if Necessary

    If necessary you can always revert back easily enough to PHP 5.6 if things break.


    Performance Gains

    There were no performance gains that I could see on my site but already I'm using static page caching so what's served up is sent without backend PHP rendering of the page. If you are not doing that then in theory PHP 7 should speed up your site in general.


    Good luck and backup before doing anything is an always wise approach.



    Thanks to the Managed WordPress Hosting team for getting this done.


    Aly 🙂



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    Community Manager
    Community Manager

    Re: Looks like PHP 7.x Released for Managed WordPress Hosting

    I know this is late in coming, but thanks for the post @Aly! I'm going to mark this post as the solution, but that's only so people can find the thread more often. 


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