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    ManageWP Worker Plugin keeps deactivating

    I am using ManageWP Worker plugin to connect with my GoDaddy Pro dashboard.  I have over  25 clients with GoDaddy and on almost all  of them I have no issue with the plugin.

    However on my own  account I have 2 wordpress websites and on one other account I also have  2 wordpress sites.  On my account on both websites the plugin keeps deactivating.  I keep turning it on and it keeps turning off.  On the other account,  on one site the plugin stays activated, on the other site it always deactivates.

    I don't have any trouble with single site accounts at all.

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    Re: ManageWP Worker Plugin keeps deactivating



    Nikola here from ManageWP. 🙂

    If the Worker plugin is deactivating right after you try to reconnect the website, it's most likely that a plugin conflict is causing this.


    I would suggest that you deactivate all plugins except Worker and try to connect the website. Once you connect the website in question properly, activate plugins one by one until the issue reappears in order to find the plugin that is causing it.


    If Worker is deactivating after 10 minutes (and you are not able to connect the website when Worker is active), it is possible that something is blocking us, WAF or some security plugin for example. In that case, you should whitelist our IPs. Automatic deactivation after 10 minutes is a security feature, in an unlikely event that there's someone out there that tries to add your website to their ManageWP dashboard.


    For further assistance feel free to reach out to helpdesk@managewp.com, we're always there to help. 🙂

    Re: ManageWP Worker Plugin keeps deactivating

    I'm having the same issue. Doesn't happen on the other hosting sites I'm using. Hired their tech support but the problem persists on other Godaddy hosted sites. Wondering if there is any solution to this. I tried stepping back to 7.0 php but that didn't work. 


    Re: ManageWP Worker Plugin keeps deactivating

    I am having the same issue. Deactivating other plugins doesn't solve the problem. I do notice that it shows up in the MU Plugins even though it is gone in the main plugins dashboard:


    GoDaddy Pro Sites Worker Loader

    This is automatically generated by the GoDaddy Pro Sites Worker plugin to increase performance and reliability. It is automatically disabled when disabling the main plugin.


    I can also see the plugin folder is still installed and get this when trying to re-install:


    Destination folder already exists. /html/wp-content/plugins/worker/    Plugin installation failed.


    I am slowly losing site connectivity to clients. Any info or ideas would be great.


    Re: ManageWP Worker Plugin keeps deactivating

    Hi @CharlesS.  Thank you for being apart of the Godaddy Community!


    This worker plugin is now combined into the standard install of Managed Wordpress (MWP).  This is now a required plugin that is located inside of the mu-plugin directory. 


    That being said, there are conflicts between the custom install and the required install. Therefore, the custom install of the wpworker will no longer be allowed to be activated on your site.  You can simply use it at it's new location, and it's up to you if you would like to remove the older plugin directory.  Please let support know if you run into any other issues.

    All the best,
    GoDaddy Hosting Support

    Re: ManageWP Worker Plugin keeps deactivating

    Ok, this is starting to make sense now. I disconnected that site and reconnected without the worker plugin installed and it is fine now. I have a mix of Managed Wordpress, CPanel and other hosting.


    Thank you for the help. Things seem to be fine now.

    Re: ManageWP Worker Plugin keeps deactivating

    Just a heads up.


    Due to this new feature, you will have issues using other backup and restore plugins to transfer websites if the website is coming from another hosting company and you have ManageWP already installed.


    When you attempt to transfer the site to a manage wordpress account with Godaddy...the hosting account gets confused if the backup already have Manage WP in it. Godaddys hosting is not allowing the backup to fully restore because they will not the plugin to activate during the restore.


    You will need to completely remove the plugin from the backup, then restore.


    It only took 5 hours of my day to figure this one out.


    Thanks Godaddy.