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    Managed Word Press - How Do I change things around?

    Hi I recently purchased GoDaddy Managed Wordpress Ultimate.


    I was wondering how do I move thing around on a page.


    For example, after picking a theme and adding a few things in, what if I wanted to Move the title text around to a different spot, or move a image or video around to another location?

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    Re: Managed Word Press - How Do I change things around?

    Hello @SFMMT2014 ,


    Are you using the built-in WordPress editor? If so there are some limitations. 


    I personally use Elementor

    Very Respectfully,

    Drew Davis
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    Re: Managed Word Press - How Do I change things around?

    Hi @davisdre317 , thanks for getting back to me.


    I've been using Website Builder 6 & 7 since 2012 with GoDaddy, so going to Wordpress has been a bit foreign for me.


    I think I was also still stuck in the "Customize your site" part of the builder, which looks like an area where I can only make broad changes like Site Identity, Layout, color and fonts. I didn't notice to the right where it says "Edit your front page, that brings me into the builder proper.    



    Is this correct?







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    Re: Managed Word Press - How Do I change things around?

    Hi @SFMMT2014 ,


    The transition from a page builder to wordpress can be relatively easy, but is dependent on things like your theme choice and plugins.  There are several good WP learning tools around that are inexpensive but high quality.  Take a look at Udemy, WPBeginner, and many, many others.  The base installation of WP at GoDaddy comes with WP101 tutorials built in so you might want to spend some time there.


    I use BeaverBuilder/Beaver Themer and Astra Pro.   All are pretty well documented.  I'm very partial to Troy Dean's VideoUserManual plugin that covers all of wordpress plus the "page builder".  This documentation and set of tools has made a world of difference in my ability to educate myself and clients on the current WP platform.  And then, there's YouTube!  A bit of time in the documentation will go a long ways in making the transition from a page builder to WP. 


    Having learned the hard way, the transition from page builder to WP also requires learning about servers and server plans.   There was a recent AMA here in the community that had a good discussion about WP and server requirements.


    Hope this helps,




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