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    Managed Wordpress Hosting Very vey slow

    i buy a new wordpress managed hosting ultimate plan but it is very very slow even try different plugins for image optimization, css/js minification but all in vain.. totally disappointed 
    which cache is provided by godaddy it is totally not working and other cache plugins are not allowed to install with this hosting plan 😞

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    Re: Managed Wordpress Hosting Very vey slow

    Im having the same issue. I see they are offering Pro Wordpress plans now, I'm sure they are purposely slowing us down to get us to upgrade. I'm so dissapointed. I can get extremely fast hosting elsewhere for half the cost. I always used GoDaddy because I thought they were simply the best. I cant get any work done on a straightforward wordpress site with a couple pages. It takes about 20 seconds to load a 250kb jpeg !!!???


    Re: Managed Wordpress Hosting Very vey slow

    I am experiencing the same issues.


    Re: Managed Wordpress Hosting Very vey slow



    I also have my site on GoDaddy's WP Hosted plan and am experiencing slow load times. I ran a performance report on GTMetrix, as suggested.


    In the results, I get an "F" in "Leverage browser caching". A score of 27 out of 100, with an average score being 60). See attached image.


    Also, aside from one image on the site that needed to be optimized, this is the only category where I receive an "F" grade. The majority of others are "A"s, so the caching seems to be the only area left to fix.

    Latest Performance Report for  https   info aladvantage com    GTmetrix.png

    Can you please provide a solution to this issue since GoDaddy doesn't allow caching plugins? If they do their own caching, the score should at least be in the "average" range of 60, but in reality it should be in the above average range.


    Thanks for any help that can be provided.

    Re: Managed Wordpress Hosting Very vey slow

    I agree.    When I started a client several years ago it was OK, not great.   It's been coming to a crawl since.   I spoke to their support and they offered a few tips, and it even temporarily improved for a week.   Now it's slower than ever again.   No matter what support tells you, it isn't your website.   You can copy the same site to a service like A2 hosting and your site will literally open in seconds and not 30+ seconds.   Somethings wrong with their servers.


    Re: Managed Wordpress Hosting Very vey slow

    Hi Everyone, Thank you for being a part of the GoDaddy community. 


    Slowness can be derived from a lot of different sources, especially on a shared environment. Keep in mind every shared environment can differ from company to company.   There are some websites that help determine what may be attributing to the slowness of the website.  


    gtmetrix.com was mentioned previously along with "leverage browser caching."  This is considered to be a custom enhancement to a website, and requires you to add code to new/exists control files, such as .htaccess file.  More info on that can be found here.


    If you seem to have continued issues with slowness, please call into support so that we can look into your individual issue.

    All the best,
    GoDaddy Hosting Support