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    Managed Wordpress on Outside Domain

    Hello friends, I am looking for some what should be simple answers. I have a managed wordpress account. I have a domain name in Google Domains. I would like to use my Google Domains domain on my managed wordpress website. How can I do this?

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    Getting Started

    @jasonkelly Click the "Add new Site" in your hosting account, add your domain name, take note of the hosting accounts IP Address (you'll find it in "basic settings sidebar" after adding the site to your hosting account and opening the site's control panel)... Then login to Google Domains and edit the DNS, change /add A Record to @ - IPAddress - TTL 2 minutes... That will forward your domain to your hosting account, from there you should be able to start building your site.

    I am having this issue. I do not see an option to add your outside domain to the godaddy site. We have the temporary domain. I have edited the DNS' A record to point to the GoDaddy IP address, but GoDaddy is not letting me change the domain from the temporary one!!!!