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    Managed Wordpress site PHP won't update beyond 5.6

    Hello, I'm attempting to update PHP to 7.2 from 5.6 for one of my Managed Wordpress sites. The GoDaddy hosting settings page for the site is claiming I'm now on 7.2, but a PHP version plugin on my site is reporting that I'm still on 5.6 nearly twelve hours later.

    I haven't had time to sit on hold with phone or chat support this week - so I'm hoping I'm just missing something obvious and someone here can help. I've also tried cloning my site to staging. When doing so, the cloned staging site reports PHP 7.2 via the plugin, however the production site remains at 5.6. I've tried pushing this cloned staging site to production with the same result - production site still stuck on 5.6 but showing as currently at 7.2 via the GoDaddy hosting dashboard.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Managed Wordpress site PHP won't update beyond 5.6

    The site in question randomly updated to PHP 7 overnight last night without me doing anything beyond changing the PHP setting five days ago. I guess it just sometimes takes several days for a change in PHP version to stick? I guess this issue is solved...