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    Many Wordpress Issues

    I just migrated my website to GoDaddy wordpress hosting.
    I've never had so many issues with my website before.
    1. Admin panel is completely unusable. It's panels simply loads for MINUTES.
    2. All pages of website sometimes load and sometimes don't.
    3. sFTP is very slow and for some time FileZilla wasn't able to connect to a server (resolved by choosing "enable compression" option.
    4. GoDaddy's check website speed isn't working after changing a domain to mine (not a big issue, but still)
    5. Lots of 408 and 502 errors.

    6. Page Speed test result in a VERY long loading times.


    Information about a website:
    - beaver builder plugin with ultimate addons
    - wpDataTables plugin
    - ultimate membership pro
    - yoast seo
    - iThemes security

    - backupbuddy
    - woocommerce
    - wp rocket
    - other, non invasive and low cpu usage plugins


    - I'm using a cloudflare CDN - domain already set up 48h ago with disabled wp-admin caching 

    - all cache (browser and server-side) cleaned

    - database cleaned and optimized


    Does anyone have similar problems? Maybe GoDaddy does some updates or something?

    Also one more question - is refound possible with wordpress hosting?

    Since my website is pretty much completely not working - I'm thinking about it.

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    Helper VI

    @M_ how many visits does your site have?


    I have recently migrated a site to managed wp and had to take it away in an hour or so, because the traffic made the site super slow, using cloudflare also.


    If you don't have much traffic, maybe it's a config issue. I'd check htaccess, user.ini and friends.


    And yes, you can ask for a refund if it's before 30 days after purchase.


    Hope it helps!

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    And if I solved your issue, mark it as solution 😄