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    Migrating content from old Wordpress site

    Hi there,


    I just had my current WP site hacked (random posts added, some back linking too) and now wish to basically start again, while transferring my hosting to GoDaddy.

    I know they offer an auto-migration option but I just have a couple of concerns as although I'd like to save my current data, I want to be able to fix some issues with the site when it's transferred. I didn't make a child theme originally so is this something I could fix after migration? And also, would it be safe to transfer the content if it has been corrupted like this?


    I'd like to go for the Deluxe Hosting option but was wondering if a) this includes site migration as above and b) how do I go about it?


    Thanks in advance!!

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    Hello @sothere2!


    Thank you for posting. You would be able to fix your theme after you migrate your WordPress to us. If your content is corrupted, you may be better off pulling all the bad content out before you move your site or starting from scratch. All of the Managed WordPress plans include migration. 


    Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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