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    Newer version of PHP?

    Is there a way to get PHP 5.6 on my site?  Version 7 would be even better.  Looks like the latest version I can choose is 5.5 from the cpanel



    An update: PHP 7.2 is now available on all Managed WordPress sites.





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    You won't get it here on GoDaddy. 1and1.com  has already 7.1. Enjoy 🙂 

    Hello Gabriel A. Mays,

    I was relieved to see your 1/4/17 post saying cPanel will support PHP7 in the next couple months.


    It's now late March and we need to upgrade one of our hosting plans soon. Today I called hosting support for an ETA on PHP7. All they could say was by end of December 2017. That is incomprehensible given that PHP5.6 went out of active support two months ago. I'm guessing you have, and they are unaware of, a much sooner target date.


    They could not transfer me to you and suggested posting here requesting an update on the PHP7 deployment.


    Thanks in advance,



    Any Updates on this? Been waiting for this to drop for quite some time now, have had so man y different release dates on phone support.


    PLease Give Us An Update!




    PHP 7 has been out for almost 1.5 years GoDaddy. I thought you guys were market leaders. 

    Enough is enough! When will you guys deliver php 7.1? I'm thinking of canceling my account and going to another hosting company.

    I will be leaving GoDaddy and filing with the Better Business Bureau if I don't receive some sort of communication about this issue soon. GoDaddy, treat your paying customers with respect and answer our questions in a straightforward manner. The lack of communication is the real issue here. I just spent 20 minutes waiting to talk to customer service to be told that they have no idea when it will be available. For all we know they haven't actually been working on it.

    I don't believe "current" software is a feature or should be. The "upgrade" is constantly being held over our heads. My assumption from all this is Godaddy is not financially stable, I use another provider in Canada that upgraded to 7 very quickly to SUPPORT their customers. I will be leaving when my term is done regardless of an upgrade here or not.


    I have lost confidence in Godaddy!

    It is now May 2017 and latest CPanel PHP version is still 5.6

    Your post from 1-04-17 states "To answer your questions about cPanel (web hosting) and Managed WordPress PHP versions, cPanel will support PHP7 in the next couple months and Managed WordPress will support it shortly after that.

    For Managed WordPress, we're finishing the PHP 5.6 upgrade now, with 2/3 of our datacenters complete."

    It is May 11 2017 & the latest version I see available is unsupported 5.4 What gives?

    Am I missing something?

    I would like to add my name to those wanting PHP 7.

    This upgrade would be appreciated.


    currently rebuilding my website since godaddy failed to take payments then deleted my files and databases, the databases were backed up, but to go daddy servers..... then they wanted to charge me £100 to recover my files.....

    to be honest, my website needed a bit of an overhaul so I began from the ground up again, I was just about to upload when I realised no php7....

    with no idea when its going to be updated, no word for months, not happy anyway, I will be moving my service, like now... tonight, go daddy is not getting another penny from me !!

    end of 4th quarter this year...all shared hosting accounts. Finally, at the very last second. (argh!)

    Very frustrating.

    Why did it ever take this long? Something is not right if GD can not keep up with technology. 


    I'd like to update my PHP as well. On my cPanel admin there is a section for selecting PHP version, yet right next to the pop-up for selecting the version, there's a notice saying that choosing a later version is impossible. What's that about? How do I update? Urgently need it for Woocommerce extensions...

    Hello there @Links!


    Welcome to the Community! It sounds like you may be at the highest version currently possible on our cPanel hosting. Though, if you reach out to support, they can confirm.


    Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
    24/7 support available at x.co/247support

    Is it just me or is it slightly unbelievable that GoDaddy's most current PHP offering, version 5.4, stopped receiving security support OVER A YEAR AGO!! Oh, and by the way, the current version of PHP (5.6) was introduced OVER TWO YEARS AGO, so what's the delay, folks?? 


    Or is 5.6 asking for too much? Perhaps GoDaddy needs to bring in PHP 5.5 first, before we jump ahead to 5.6. Of course, if it does, then we'll all just have to overlook the fact that even 5.5, which was released THREE years ago, is no longer supported!!!


    Seriously, is this for real?? Please tell me I'm missing something!

    What date did you reply to this thread? As of today 4/10/2017 php 7 is still not supported

    Would also love PHP 7 - why is this not a top priority? The competition won't slow down.

    I am losing money waiting on GD to catch up - yet, every month, GD reaches into my pocket for service fees. not cool!


    This post is from April 16. still not php 7 available at GoDaddy?
    i have a CMS that need to be updated urgently for security reason and the last version is base on PHP 7.



    It's year 2017. PHP 7.1 is stable for a while, v7 branch beating the hack with new language features, performance and stability improvements, tons of syntactic sugar and final multi-byte peace. But no. On godaddy shared hosting, your destiny ends with 5.6, periodically making you feel stupid or sad because of your hosting provider choice.