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    PHP 7+ for Managed Wordpress - When will it finally happen?

    I just finished reading thread after thread, spanning over 2 years, where Godaddy reps promise PHP updates for Managed Wordpress plans. I'm currently being limited, namely with Woocommerce, because my shared server is running PHP version 5.6.27 and the plugin I'd like to use requires v 7 or greater.


    So, my question is: What gives?


    Why are Godaddy MW plans still only offering a PHP version that's several years old and when will we finally see an upgrade?

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    Re: PHP 7+ for Managed Wordpress - When will it finally happen?

    Hi @ohiodigital,


    This indeed has been a conversation throughout the community. it should be.


    Having been in the same situation, may I offer you this solution? The GoDaddy business hosting (https://www.godaddy.com/hosting/business-hosting ) is off the chart good. I tested it and I'm using it. The key to using it is management integration via a GoDaddy Pro dashboard interface.


    Here is the link:


    While it immediately looks like this is just for developers and designers, the set of tools provided to a small business owner are also pretty incredible. For example, off-site backups regularly scheduled are part of this package. There are performance, update, Seo Tools, and a direct connection to better support.


    By using this interface you can integrate a c-panel hosted WordPress site into the automated control panel. This is done by way of a plug-in.


    On the cPanel side of the configuration make sure that your memory allocations in WordPress and the PHP settings are consistent with your application and your account capabilities. There is a very nice cPanel interface that is an upgrade to the old type of cPanel hosting.


    With that said, GoDaddy reps are spot on when they are telling you that it will not be long before managed WordPress will be driven by PHP 7.1 or better. I am currently on the beta testing team and cannot tell you any more than what the support reps are telling. However, I will comment on the delivery schedule.


    I 100% appreciate Go Daddy's reluctance to release this product without full and verifiable confirmation that it works. I am one who has blistered GoDaddy's ears during some of this testing. This has been one of my key issues. I have asked, perhaps more than asked, that this product not be released until it is truly ready to go.  For whatever reason GoDaddy has not released this product into full production I am thankful.


    The reason for me is very simple, the key word being simple. With the growing rate of the WordPress installations, delivering a product that small business is becoming heavily reliant upon with what are "potential problems" is very much a disservice to the small business community. Why? The word simplicity is being built into WordPress and that is an expectation that the small business world has.


    Some young developers see WordPress as an easy way to get into making money by creating some beautiful sites that are not providing full functionality, support/maintainability, and an avenue for growth.


    On a second note, some small business owners like myself see the value of automation within WordPress. With forethought and planning a website can almost be as valuable as an employee. For example, email list automation, social media integration, loyalty points and rewards programs, are all part of WordPress in the automation landscape.


    Would you want a "known problem employee" right from the beginning without anyone telling you?  I wouldn't.


    Finally, keep in mind that managed WordPress is just that. As your sites and installation become more complicated or require more physical processing resources you can expect to pay considerably more. Some applications are indeed best for a VPS system or a dedicated server. By using the Go Daddy Pro dashboard as your management interface to WordPress you actually expand the capabilities of your services and your options in allocating resources for an individual installation.


    I hope you continue to be patient and understand GoDaddy's diligence in how it is releasing this product to small business.


    Hope this helps,



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