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    Search Engine Visibility not function properly

    An Eight days ago I submitted my domain Name Sumi Naga News to SEO site map and it works.

    But today after I created my site map from my dashboard I submit it to SEO site map but it is showing me "Site Map Was already Submitted"  whereas I didn't submit even once (Site map) and GoDaddy agents are unable to help me out and telling me that no one is train in SEO and there is no special team for SEO.


    So, here my question is if no one is train, who will help customers? Of curse I do realize that it must be done by ourselves but if the product doesn't work how will we work out in it?


    I will never cancel my product as I have already worked hard in it.

    And no one can pay me for what I have worked in SEO not to mention that I spent two days and night browsing articles and watching YouTube videos on the topic to resolve the problem by myself.

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