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    Too Many Requests — error showing through Google Console on WP pages (screenshot incl)

    I am working with GoDaddy's Managed WP hosting and using the Avada theme. The support team at Avada is trying to help me figure out why I can't upload their demos to the site. While doing their search, they found this in Google's Console:

    POST https://rapi.getjaco.com/api/3.4/recording/init 429 (Too Many Requests)


    Screenshot (see area in red at the bottom of the photo):

    Screenshot of Error Code in Google Console for Wordpress

    The Avada team said this error is showing on every page and it's not part of their theme (looks like it's something called JacoRecorder?). It's not in my plugins under that name, either. What is this? Is it from GoDaddy? Either way, how do I fix this?

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    From what I was able to find it looks like some sort of tracking software.





    Mike L. | WebPro

    I have also found this on my console!


    Does anyone know where it has come from? 


    Stephen B

    Same error. Different theme. Different plugins. Only on our live site in managed GoDaddy hosting. Test site on different server not reporting error. 'GetJaco is a  Walkme company' (see https://www.getjaco.com). Looks like code inserted by Godaddy on every page:



    I have found this on my site as well. It appears to affecting page load speed dramatically. Hope GoDaddy will fix their slow Managed WP Hosting and specifically remove this tracking script from our websites. Please advise?


    POST https://rapi.getjaco.com/api/3.4/recording/init 429 (Too Many Requests)
    recorder_v2.js:2 Error: JacoRecorder: Rate limit exceeded
    at o (recorder_v2.js:3)
    at recorder_v2.js:3
    at r (recorder_v2.js:1)
    at XMLHttpRequest.o.onload (recorder_v2.js:1)
    recorder_v2.js:3 JacoRecorder: Rate limit exceeded

    I am also seeing this error on my site and there are only 2 of us trying to log in! We are also on a managed GoDaddy WP account.


    GoDaddy - what say you?