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    Transfer a website from local computer to godaddy

    I have created a website in my local computer.  I now want to have this hosted in godaddy.  What are the steps?

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    Helper V

    @Deo_admin Before you can host your  website online there are several things you need. 

    1. A Hosting account 



    2. A Domain Name if your hosting provider doesn't offer a domain or you would like to use your own.



    3. After you purchase a domain and hosting account and have attached your domain to your hosting account you will need to upload your website to your hosting accounts web root. You can use ether an FTP Program or use the file managers from within your hosting account. 


    Upload your website files (Linux cPanel hosting)

    Upload files (Windows Hosting Plesk)


    Once your site has been uploaded you can access your site using your domain.


    Here are some more helpful links.

    Get started with Linux hosting (cPanel)

    Set up your account (Windows Plesk Hosting)


    Not applicable

    Hi @Deo_admin,


    Have you tested your website locally first? MAMP is a brilliant tool for this if a normal site. Read docs first before installing. You can view your site as it will appear live with this free open software.

    • A means to upload your site to Godaddy by ftp (File Transfer Protocol) FileZilla for example.
    • So you will need a Domain Name, 'example.com'
    • A hosting plan (depends on size, type of site, support can guide you on this)

    That's pretty basic and there will be other little things and a little work on your part, but it's nothing difficult as long as you use default settings in the main. 

    If you get stuck then support are always on the phone and live chat is Arizona local time 5am to 6pm.


    Plus there is always us guys here!



    I purchased Managed Wordpress Hosting from godaddy.  When I added a new site, the steps I followed were for creating a website from scratch.

    I am not an expert but I know WordPress can export and import a web site. It won't process everything that is outside of WordPress, such as plugins. I forget the details but images might need separate processing. There are other tools that could also work. GoDaddy might have a custom procedure so try to find help in GoDaddy. I would search using Google; sometimes that is the easiest way to find GoDaddy's documentation too. You know, there is a separate forum here for Wordpress, the Wordpress experts are more likely to look there for Wordpress questions to answer.

    Helper IV

    To log in through FTP (FileZilla).  You should know the primary credentials of your web hosting.  Follow the video tutorial below. Just upload your local files into /public_html directory. 




    Thank You.