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    Wordpress Managed Website is Down - not accessible to Canada only.

    to support,


    my website is not accessible to Canada only. All other countries are fine. Checked with my internet provider but not their issue. ran tracert and pathping but they mentioned that dns is not reachable. Its been 2 weeks already and site is not accessible in Canada - as per screenshot below. 

    I'll switch if this can't be resolved. By reading many posts in the past it seems that Godaddy had very same issues in the past from many accounts. 



    Can I have someone to finally resolve this and call me back? I've been bounced from many attendants and not resolved. 



    Looking for new provider soon.

    Plan: hosted

    this is a global issue in Canada as we tested all different internet providers and none can open my website. 

    checked .htaccess  and no issues to the site or files since the site is accessible to other countries. 

    Testing with vpn connection from Netherlands, US, or south america they are fine. Just in Canada it can't open it. 




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    Helper I

    Did this get fixed for you?