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    web applications cannot access WP data

    For last few days we have a problem to access to our website http://hotline.flexibleplan.com/category/whats-happening/
    from c# code/application using the code:
    using System.Net;
    var test = new WebClient().DownloadString("http://hotline.flexibleplan.com/category/whats-happening/");

    The error is Timeout.
    The website is working fine if we use any web browser. But we need to get the content from C# code/application. We wrote web and console applications for testing and no one works from inside of the company as well as outside. Strange thing is the c# code could began working for a couple of hours but then it stops. Does not meter weekend or regular business hours.
    We can provide you the testing applications source code if you need it. Please advise.

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