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Can Anyone Solve This Domain Problem I'm Having?

I built a website and I have hosting......I then bought a domain from Godaddy and changed the DNS settings to those given by my hosting company.

The problem is that the website is not coming up with my new domain. I get a 'Website coming soon' page or a 'This domain is parked with Godaddy'!


Anyone know whats happening and how I can take care of this?


I have cleared my Cache, restarted my PC several times, but no luck.

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Re: Can Anyone Solve This Domain Problem I'm Having?

For DNS there are multiple layers of cache outside of your computer, from your router to those outside of your control.  The changes are usually reflected within an hour or two, but it can take up to 48 hours.  I understand it can be agonizing waiting to see if all was done right or if there's a problem.  You can post a recap of the steps you've done so far for review if you're unsure.